Fire & Smoke Damage

Grand Junction Fire Damage 

Fire creates smoke and that smoke will get on anything and everything. But just cleaning what you see won’t be good enough to get rid of the smell. When cleaning a home after a fire, all the contents in the house need to be cleaned, from the clothes in your closet to the knick-knacks you forgot you had. Smoke will leave soot on everything it touches and the best way treat smoke is with the proper deodorizing cleaning solutions.

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Ultrasonic technology is used by Rapid Response for cleaning of: blinds, artificial plants, and fire or smoke damaged contents such as glass, ceramics, metals, plastic, etc.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Sometimes a fire can leave a home without electricity and/or heating so temporary power and heat is necessary.

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Some floods or fires may require that the home’s contents be temporarily stored in an onsite storage container. After being cleaned and boxed all contents are kept in the locked storage container accessible to only company leaders and the home owners.

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