Air Duct Cleaning – Grand Junction – Delta – Montrose

Grand Junction Air Duct CleaningDID YOU KNOW? The American College of Allergists found that 20% of all illnesses
are either caused or aggravated by indoor air pollution. Discover Magazine reported that the average home with six rooms
will collect around 20-40 lbs. of dust in one year.
  Cleaning blower motors and air handlers can help deliver cleaner air throughout your air ventilation system and is also a great way to reduce fire hazard.Air Duct Before Air Duct After
The negative air filtration machine that is most often used when cleaning the air ventilation systems is equipped with high efficiency HEPA filters which capture soils, dust and dander dislodged by the Cobra IV scrubbing system. Closing off the entire system and creating a good seal,allows the HEPA vacuum to collect the soils and dust from throughout the ventilation system during cleaning.
The Cobra IV has flexible tubing that allows the agitating brush head to travel throughout the air ducts and loosen up the soils and dust so that the negative air filtration system can remove it.2016070195094331