Rapid Response by a qualified restoration specialist enhances occupant safety and health and speeds drying, while it minimizes the need for costly replacement or reconstruction.

Flooded CarpetIt is normally recommended that the carpet pad be removed and replaced at the very least in most flood situations. Flooded Carpet Water RemovalImmediate water removal is only the first step in proper structure drying.
Moisture meters are important tools in locating unseen moisture inside walls and other areas of a structure once all standing water has been extracted. These tools help to determine the best type of drying system for each situation. Non Invasive Moisture MeterNon-invasive moisture meters are used to locate moisture just under the surface of walls and floors.
Probe Type Moisture Meter
Probe type moisture meters can penetrate the surface in order to find moisture that is deeper within floors and walls where non-invasive meters cannot reach.
Thermal Imaging Camera
A thermal imaging camera is the most advanced non-invasive technology used to locate moisture, mold and many other problems.

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