Water Damage

At Rapid Response, we offer years of experience in a variety of environments coupled with our diverse offering of services. Our emergency response teams of courteous, certified and professional technicians use the newest up-to-date methods and equipment for structure drying. Some methods include:

Flood Damage Repair

Flood Damage Wall Repair

Specialized air movers and their many attachments give the ability to force dry air into walls and other hard to reach areas.

Grand Junction Flood Damage Restoration

Drywall Moisture Extraction

Injector Units are capable of extracting moisture from wood floors or forcing air into concentrated areas with minimal destruction. Sometimes total removal of porous building materials becomes necessary due to long term exposure to moisture caused by flooding. Large scale structure drying may require specialty equipment such as high volume trailer mounted dehumidifiers or diesel fired heating units.

Water Damage New Construction

Flood Damage House Ventilation

high volume trailer mounted dehumidifier