Carpet Cleaning – Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose Emergency Water Extraction

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Is the Recommended Cleaning Procedure
by Carpet and Fabric Manufacturers
Because It Removes Soil Completely Rather Than Just Moving It Around.

Grand Junction Carpet Cleaner Truck mounted heat exchange units are the newest and most up to date in carpet steam cleaning technology.  Using this machine in the steam cleaning of carpet and upholstery allows for the highest quality cleaning that customers should come to expect and faster drying times.
Dry soil removal (pre-vacuuming) is sometimes a necessary step in the cleaning process when there is a large amount of soiling on the carpet surface. This service can be provided by the technician but is often done by the homeowner. Carpet Vacuuming
Carpet Stain Removal A pre-spray containing enzymes and/or emulsifiers is applied to the carpet in order to help suspend soil and small particles. Along with agitation of carpet fibers, these agents improve cleaning effectiveness during the extraction process.
Once the pre-spray has had time to work, a truck mounted steam cleaning unit is used to rinse and extract the solutions combined with the soils from the carpet. Carpet Steam Cleaning
Carpet Grooming Grooming the carpet assists in drying by separating the pile and allowing airflow. Not only does this allow for a quicker drying time, but it also gives it the look of a carpet that has just been thoroughly cleaned.
The final step to carpet cleaning is optional, but is always recommended.  DuPont Teflon helps carpets stay cleaner longer. It provides extra time to clean up spills and minimizes absorption by carpet fibers to prevent the spreading of stains. DuPont Teflon Carpet Treatment