Real Estate season is in full swing, and it seems like everyone has the home buying and selling bug. That is great news for all of us. And while the money and confidence might be flowing, there are still challenges that realtors run into that cause them to have to give us a call, to help them keep a deal from dying. So here are the top 3 reasons a realtor might need a cleaning and restoration company, other than the obvious flood damage services.


1. Carpet Cleaning. We get called very often by realtors who have recently accepted a listing for a nice home in a nice neighborhood, that has terrible carpet. The sellers may not have the money or the will to replace the carpet so they bring us in to clean it. With truck mounted steam-cleaning units and techs with years of professional training and experience under their belts, we are called upon to spruce up many a property by cleaning the carpet, tile or grout.


2. Mold – Mold is what you might call a “four letter word” in the real estate industry, and rightfully so. The mere mention of mold can send the pseudo-educated buyer into a frenzy and really kill a deal. This most often happens when a home is already under contract and an inspector takes a look under the crawlspace, in a dark closet or perhaps under a sink. Luckily we specialize in mold remediation and can be brought in to get the home back in its right condition and ready to go to closing.


3. Radon- Home buyers are increasingly aware and concerned about the presence of radon in their new home. Radon is one of those environmental things that can have serious health effects to tenants over the course of time, and is a serious consideration when buying a home for more and more buyers. We can be brought in alongside your regular home inspector, as a company that is certified to not only test for radon, but mitigate it when high levels are found, providing your buyers peace of mind about the safety of their home.


There are many more reasons a realtor might need to contact us for our services, but as we near the end of the second quarter of the year, these have been the top 3 reasons why we’ve found ourselves working with real estate professionals.